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Matt Denton in Mantis Walking Machine

Matt founded Micromagic Systems in 1999 to supply animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry.

Matt has a 2016 VES Award for his work on the Star Wars droid BB-8 and has a Guinness World Record for the "Largest rideable Hexapod Robot" - Mantis

Matt became interested in electronics and robotics while at school, but didn't really get to grips with anything until he left and started a four year certified apprenticeship with Marconi Defense Systems. During this time he studied Electronics and Computer Engineering and obtained an ONC and HNC in these subjects.


He was very interested in special effects and animatronics, having been inspired at a young age by films such as Star Wars and Labyrinth, and decided towards the end of his apprenticeship that he would like to work in the film and TV industry. Having no knowledge of the industry, Matt decided to write to TV companies whose names he found in industry magazines. Needless to say, all he received were rejections, informing him that TV companies were not the place to find this kind of work and he almost gave up at this point.


After about the 10th letter of rejection he decided to do the correct thing and go to University! So he started a BEng course in electronics and computers at Portsmouth University. He was offered a place in the second year due to already having covered most of the first year topics in previous studies, but chose to start in year one partly so he could be with friends. If Matt had have started in the second year, he could have obtained a degree in just two years, but as it happens he dropped out after the first year, partially from boredom, but mostly because he spent the summer working for an FX company and decided that this was the way forward.

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