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Anaintronic Toad with iPuP
Animatronic Toad With iPuP & Audio

Animatronic Toad built by John Nolan Studios fitted with an iPuP control system with audio playback

The iPuP Performance System is our embedded animatronic control system that has been field proven over the last 10 years used on hundreds of animatronic creations. In essence the iPuP is a scaled down version of our high end Xpress performance system, the difference being compact embedded size and lower control input/output count.


The iPuP comprises of a circuit board called the iPuP Master and one or two boards called iPuP Slaves. With one iPuP Master there are 8 PWM servo outputs and 8 PWM/ADC control inputs. There is also a digital stream input support for common protocols such as Spektrum SRXL and Multiplex serial data.


By adding one or two slaves to the iPuP Master you can add a further 16 PWM servo channel outputs. You can also drive dynamixel TTL bus 3 wire MX, AX and X servos directly from the iPuP Master.


There are 16 bi-polar expressions with complex filters, gains, input calibrations and many other features including auto-blink, breath cycles and a built in 2:20 minute record and playback buffer!

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