Animatronics & Robotics for Film & Television




Creature: Med-Lab Alien


Project: Prometheus


Client: Neil Scanlan


Year: 2011





I need to add a proper write up here, but for now I will just add that this creature was built by Simon Williams, and the control system and electronics were by myself. This was a great creature consisting of four tenticles each a double spiney mech. giving a great effect! The head and body also moved.


Two iPuP conrol systems were used, one for the tenticles, and one for the head and body. Both Simon and myself pupeteered this creature.


Take a look at some of the pictures in the gallery to see the complexity of the cableing system on this creature! The servo's were also housed in sound proof box's so the creature ran silent on set.



  • There were many people involved in the construction of this creature, too many to list. If you feel you deserve a mention, or that I have got something wrong, please let me know.


  • My contribution to this creature was the electronics, Xpress control system and puppeteering- Matt Denton 


Technical Details




  • 2 x iPuP performance system

  • 2 x Multiplex 16channel Receiver




  • 2 x 60A 9V PSU



  •  24 x Sanyo Hi Torque Servos