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Microchip Pic Baud Rate Calculator V2.1 (208Kb zip Win32 App)


Microchip PIC Baud Calculator -  a FREE utility to calculate the SPBRG value for Microchips range of PIC processors with on board Uart. Simply enter the Clock speed and the desired Baud rate and hit calculate. The SPBRG value is shown for both BRG High and Low, including the difference error. On some older PIC uarts, the BRG High setting causes intermittent UART errors.


V2.1 now supports systems that require 'commas' instead of 'points' in floating point numbers.

This utility is provided FREE of charge and as such comes with no technical support or guarantee! by downloading it you agree to these terms. If you are unsure of the validity of the output from this utility, don't use it. :) Any suggestions / additions, please use our contact form.

Download PIC Baud Calc