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Hexapod V3.0 (Developed 2002)


Basic Specification

The V3 Hexapod has many improvements over V2, such as:


New improved Rx03-50i servo drivers housed within each leg to minimize wiring and save space. The drivers also do Frame doubling and interpolation so the host only needs to send frames at half the usual refresh rate. PP3 battery compartment for control and sensor electronics.


Optional on board locomotion engine (p.Brain) for Autonomous control. This engine takes care of all Inverse Kinematics and leg locomotion allowing you to simply add automation and sensors to the hexapod. this makes running the hexapod as easy as a wheeled robot.


Superior Futaba 3101 servos, with migration path to 3102 metal gear servos with huge 3.6kg/cm torque.



Servo Control

Six Rx03-50i Servo boards to drive the servos. The Rx03-50i's are driven via a serial link to a host PC or p.Brain.



Locomotion Engine 

PC or on board p.Brain controller. p.Brain locomotion processor is a PIC18F2520.




4.8V 1700mah NmHd pack for servos and servo drivers. 9V pp3 for control electronics.




None. Our goal is to provide the walking platform only. It will be up to the end user to add their own sensors.



Weight & Size 

Weight: approximately 1.1Kg with 4.8V battery pack and six servo drivers.

Size: approximately 300mm X 280mm leg span. Body: 230mm X 115mm.